Dedicated to the safe, artful and legal use of pyrotechnics.


Fireworks, and other various pyrotechnics are highly dangerous!

The NHPA prides itself on it’s safety record. It’s priority #1 among it’s members and officers. We maintain strict rules during our displays, open shooting and always have a safety officer on site to monitor or bring to light, any level of danger to our members, our audiences, and our support personnel.

Our equipment is constantly inspected, repaired, or replaced as needed. Our “stock” is rotated, updated and our storage facility is clean, maintained and constantly checked by an officer of the club.

As a member, you’ll be familiarized with all aspects of the safe use of pyrotechnics, firing systems, equipment and transport.

Members who are accessing “secure areas” must wear head, ear and hand protection at ALL TIMES. If you have safety questions, our safety director for that particular event, will be glad to assist.