Dedicated to the safe, artful and legal use of pyrotechnics.


Training and Safety go hand-in-hand. Keeping everyone involved from hobbyist and display operators to spectators at a public display safe. Not only does the NHPA train it’s members on the latest safety procedures, but you can also learn to set-up, and shoot a Class C, or Class B (display) shows from the ground up.

occasional seminars are offered covering everything from electrical firing and choreography to the latest fireworks manufacturing techniques. In the past seminars have covered classic firework designs, shell construction, mine and comet building, and a host of other related topics.

Seminars are taught by members ranging from experienced hobbyists to leading experts in the field, including members who participate in other firework competitions, PGI, and those who worked on some of the larger shows in the area.

The NHPA also enjoys a handful of commercial operators as members. These are the same people you’ll “never” see at 4th of July celebrations, New Years eve, etc. As they are “in the business”, you can rest assured their knowledge and resources are a major benefit to the NHPA.